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We’re happy you are here. It is our goal to bring you the best in Independent Artists, Writers and Poets, but We’re not stopping there. We also will bring you thought-provoking, educational,inspiring and entertaining shows. Our main aim is to win you over and Make you a Loyal Listener to WDGP

We are also interested in what type of programing you’d like to hear on WDGP. If you have a good idea for programing, Please send your suggestions to Send eMail

We’re glad you found us. Our Mission is to become a stage for the Independent Musician, Writer, Poet.  It is our mission to live up to the awesome standard he has set.

We have Plans to not only bring you the best in Indie Artists, but also the best in radio programming and Internet TV. It is our hope that you will visit us often and become a Loyal Listener/Watcher.

If you are an Independent Musician, with a project you’d like considered for inclusion in WDGP rotation, see our Submission page here.

We offer advertising in the form of 15 – 30 second spots. If you already have a spot that’s great as long as it’s in mp3 format.  Advertising on Internet Radio is more cost-effective than traditional radio or television advertising. If you would like a quote contact us via email Send eMail

WDGP Radio does not charge the Independent Artist to play their tracks in rotation or to be guests on any of the shows here at WDGP. The Station stays afloat by selling advertising and by accepting donations from the public. If you believe that we help Artists, won’t you help with a small donation? Any amount will make a difference. You could decide to donate to our non profit in addition to or even instead of WDGP. Children’s World of Music appreciates any assistance you could provide. Of course we need money, but we also need instruments, computers, software, furniture, instructors, coaches, and assorted personnel. Find out more about our mission at our website ChildrensWorldOfMusic



*All music played on this station is played with the permission of the Artist(s) for their promotion only and is not to be considered a paid performance.

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