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The Keynote Reality Show

It is always a pleasure to talk with Sir Charles Cary. He always has some knowledge and enlightenment to share with us. October 31st was no exception.

Sir Charles Cary

Mr. Cary has been an motivational speaker and coach for quite awhile. He speaks openly and honestly about his pass and all he has overcome. He is creative and artistic, having written and recorded several albums and even trying his hand at acting and with three best sellers under his belt, we say he is a very well rounded individual
Sir Charles speaking

For his latest project, he delves into the area of Reality TV, though certainly not your usual Reality TV. The Keynote definitely is coming from a positive place. We would expect nothing less if Sir Charles is involved. The show has 2 seasons completed and has been shopped to the networks. It has gotten great reviews but Networks want to change the show. Why you may ask, perhaps you have an educated guess based on what happens on most Reality shows. It is too positive, there is no drama! Well the team has decided to go another way and use crowdfunding to get the show aired.

Listen to the interview to find out more and get some discount codes to use for purchases from Sir Charles Cary’s website, where you will find some great gifts and stocking stuffers of a positive nature. Thanks to Sir Charles for always being true to himself. As he says, “You can’t keep it if your not willing to give it away.”  Check out The Keynote Campaign for more information about the project, donors perks and more.

Interviewer Becomes The Interviewee Pt 3

This is the most recent interview I gave. Bass Fungk is the interviewer on Conversations, April 26, 2014

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Interviewer Becomes Interviewee Pt 2

This is the second interview I ever gave. It’s with Dr Stan Fine and Patty Cook  on the Business Inside and out Show December 29, 2013. Feel free to follow the links to the other  interviews.

First Interview
Third Interview

The Interviewer Becomes the Interviewee

I have been talking with folks about their products and services for a few years now. It has been my pleasure to expose others’ thoughts, desires, dreams and goals to the public. I thank all who have allowed to to help their cause in some small way. I have meet many wonderful folks over the years, some have become good friends. I love my life!

I have had several requests from other interviewers to allow them to turn the table on me. It is certainly harder to be interviewed then to interview, however, it is a great way to allow others to get to know the person within. To that end, I am posting a few of the interviews I have been involved in as the person being interviewed.  I hope you enjoy and I hope they give you at least a glimpse of who I really am.

Second Interview
Third Interview

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