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WDGP wants to help you get the word out about your business, product or service. We will play your voice ad no less than 6 times daily. Your ad will not only be heard in the USA but all around the globe.

We offer economically priced advertising packages. Run your ad for

30 second ad – 30 days for $100/month
60 second ad – 30 days for $200/month

Inquire about subscription discounts and save more.

We do not produce your ad, however we recommend  Affordable Advertising to produce your ad, or you can produce it yourself. Your ad will need to between 30 and 60 seconds in length and  128kbps (bitrate) and professional.

Interested,  Send eMail and we will get you set up.


Here is information on Affordable Advertising:


Affordable  Advertising

Exec Package (60 sec)
Standard Package (30 sec)
Flat Package (30 sec)**
(2 package combo – Combine 2 packages and reduce $100 off the most expensive package)

What You Get:

HD recorded Advertisement
Theme Music (if needed)
Voice Overs (if needed)
Graphics / Special Effects to Enhance Your Ad
Pictures of your likeness or brand (provided by you)
Actors (depending on ad concept)
We come to Your Business / Location

**(pictures / graphics / music only $25 extra for voiceover)

First time Clients $100 off 60 sec ad, $50 off 30 sec ad.

For more  Info call 301-254-2275 or email AffodAds@gmail.com

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